Adam & The Ants – Stand & Deliver

What’s to be said about Adam & The Ants? Not much here, because I’ve said it all here.

However, this song was such a monster hit, and really captured what this man was all about so it’s here on a page of its own. First, a confession, I didn’t actually buy it when it was out (it was one of those songs that we taped off the radio) but I did make the investment at a later date, from Oldies Unlimited or similar.  Unfortunately therefore, my copy comes complete only with the standard black CBS issue sleeve with a hole in the middle to show the bright orange label.

Written by Adam and Marco this tremendous song crashed straight into the UK charts at number one, w/e 9th May 1981. It stayed at the top spot for a total of 5 weeks before being trumped by Smokey Robinson’s Being With You on 13th June.

In total, it spent 15 weeks in the UK Top 40 – a sure sign of a top notch piece of pop music. It was taken from the album, Prince Charming.  It was one of three singles taken from the album and in my opinion, the best.  The other two were Prince Charming and Ant Rap.

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Being eleven, I perhaps didn’t understand the ins and outs of the sentiments of the song, but knowing now that Adam had a ‘somewhat strained’ relationship with Malcolm McLaren stuff like, ‘the devil take your stereo and record collection / the way you look you’ll qualify for next year’s old age pension’ can only have one target, surely?

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