Vapors (The) – Turning Japanese

1980's music. The Vapors - soon vapourised!

Ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner… and so it starts with a guitar solo imitating a traditional Japanese lute type instrument.  This was very early eighties stuff, entering the UK singles chart in the w/e 9 February 1980 and bought for me (and my brother) on 16 April (Goodness I was fastidious, even at that age – writing the date on).  Anyway, you know the saying, ‘if I do nothing else in my life I’ll be happy’?  Well that sentiment must surely apply to this song.  It heralded the arrival of an exciting new group and for a short moment, they were about to go global and… and… pfft!  They fizzled out, like a dying balloon.

It took about a month after it first charted to properly arrive on the scene, spending 5 weeks in the top ten, with its highest position number 3.  I think that we must have persuaded Mum to buy this for us over the Easter Holiday, judging by the date that I noted.  It then drifted away into the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles and the band did too.  If you listen to the lyrics it’s not difficult to get a vibe about some sort of self-relief.  But that’s as an adult listening, for us kids it was a great sound pure and simple.  Until it became scratched, the b-side, a live rendition of Here Comes The Judge was something of a treat too.

Here’s a look-see at a performance of the song for you to enjoy:

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