Martha & The Muffins – Echo Beach

I really, really loved this track. I was only ten at the time, but it has stood the test of time.

Echo Beach was an Easter hit, just making it to the top ten a few weeks after it entered the UK singles chart in March 1980. Despite its Spring release in the UK, it’s an easy summer vibe, tinged with the agitation of a office worker wishing the hours away, stuck her awful nine to five job.

As the line goes, “From nine till five I have to spend my time at work / My job is very boring I’m an office clerk”. I had managed to mishear this lyric and have vague memories of being corrected on it by a cousin who had travelled from afar, bearing chocolaty gifts.

I’m not sure what I was singing instead of the correct line – obviously something completely at odds with the reality.

Martha and her Muffins didn’t trouble the UK singles chart again with that name, but they did get to number 46 in 1984 with the track Black Stations White Stations under the name M&M.

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