Back to the Future

Is Back to the Future the best film of the 80s?  Well probably not, but at the end of the day, who cares?  Released in 1985 the film featured one of the 3 versions of “The Power of Love”.  No prizes are on offer for remembering the other two acts who had songs with the same title, but our hero was of course, Huey Lewis (and the News).

I think that Back to the Future grabbed me because of the irresistible hook of time travel. What would it be like to go back and see how our parents met?  What would it be like to go forward into the future and see what becomes of us and / or our children?  Perhaps the only slightly disconcerting aspect of the film is that fact that Marty is able to have such an impact on his father that there is the dramatic role reversal with him (George McFly) and Biff Tannen at the end of the film.  But then of course, George was only standing up to (and beating) the bully, so perhaps it’s not so bad eh?

I can never remember, but it was either this or Ghostbusters that was the first film I was allowed to go to the pictures and watch on my own (well at least without me mum!).  Ultimately B2F is a feelgood movie and along with the rest of the trilogy, good always seems to win out over narrow mindedness or meanness, anti-social-ism, call it what you will.

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