For Your Eyes Only

A British vessel, St Georges, carrying some piece of high-tech gadgetry for communicating with the Royal Navy’s fleet of Polaris submarines, is sunk in the Ionian Sea. Our hero, 007 is dispatched to retrieve the gadget before the Soviets…

Time is against Bond, as KGB head, General Gogol, already knows the fate of the St Georges and has his best man on the job. Marine archaeologist, Sir Timothy Havelock, asked by the British to locate the St Georges, is murdered by a Cuban hitman, Hector Gonzales. Bond goes to Spain to find out who hired Gonzales.

Spying on Gonzales’ villa, Bond is captured but manages to escape as Gonzales is killed by a crossbow bolt. Outside, he finds the assassin was Melina Havelock, Sir Timothy’s daughter, and the two escape.

Q and Bond use some of that new-fangled computerised technology to identify the man Bond saw paying off Gonzales as Emile Leopold Locque. Bond is dispatched to Locque’s possible base in Italy. There Bond is told that Locque is employed by Milos Columbo, known as “the Dove” in the Greek underworld.

Bond and figure skater Bibi Dahl are chased by three men including East German biathlete Eric Kriegler. The action then moves to an ice rink, where Bond fends off another attempt on his life by men in ice hockey gear before travelling to Corfu in pursuit of Columbo.

More shenanigans ensue before Bond eventually retrieves the all-important gadget from the St Georges, which is immediately stolen by the other side again. Now accompanied by Melina, Bond breaks into St Cyril’s, an abandoned mountaintop monastery and steals back the gadget. Before Gogol can get his grubby hands on the gadget again, Bond throws it off the cliff.

Finally, and it wouldn’t be a Bond film without a scene like this, Bond and Melina spend a romantic evening aboard her father’s yacht when he receives a call from the Prime Minister.

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