Rocky II

Rocky II is the sequel to the very successful film Rocky.  In doing my research for this article, I noted that although the film was released in the US in June 1979, it received a 1980 release in the UK. So apologies if you think that this film was not a 1980 release – in the UK it was.

In the original, our hero, Rocky Balboa lost narrowly to the Heavyweight World Champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).  Now unemployed and with Adrian pregnant, Rocky is in no position to refuse when Creed offers him a big-money rematch.

A rematch ostensibly to prove that it was a fluke that Rocky could have got so close to defeating him in their original match.  Creed is determined to knock Rocky out inside two rounds, but Rocky has other ideas.

The fight goes to the full fifteen rounds and of course, Creed is ahead on points, but conceitedly insisting that he will knock Rocky out, he trades blows with Rocky in the final round.  It is quite the shock then when Rocky lands the biggest punch of his career.  Not content with this, however, the ending of the fight is just a little contrived.  I won’t spoil it for you. 😉

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