In this honest look at middle-aged male sexuality, we are introduced to popular songwriter George Webber (Dudley Moore) on his forty-second birthday as he begins to exhibit many of the symptoms of a middle-age crisis.

Over the next few weeks he finds himself continually ogling young girls on the street and, what is more, begins to envy (and spy on) his high-living neighbour whose life appears to be one endless orgy.

George’s behaviour causes great concern to his lover, singing star Samantha Taylor (Julie Andrews), and also to his writing partner Hugh (Robert Webber) who has, it seems, avoided George’s dilemma by being gay. On his way home one afternoon, George spots Jenny (Bo Derek), a stunning young beauty en route to her wedding.  He regards her as “the most beautiful girl [he’s] ever seen” and follows her to the church.  He later learns her name and discovers that she and her husband will honeymoon in Mexico.

Uncontrollably driven by the impulse to see her again, George follows the happy couple to Mexico and checks into their hotel…

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