T Shirts

I’m hoping that you are understanding that the 80’s were a special time.  One of the themes of this site is ‘if you lived them, you loved them’ and perhaps one of the better ways to demonstrate this to the world is to wear an 80s t shirt.  The range of such shirts that are available is very wide.  For any popular band, film or tv show of the period there is likely to be a t shirt to commemorate it.  Of course groups like Wham! and Frankie Goes To Hollywood took the humble t shirt to a higher level with their Choose Life or Frankie Says Relax t shirts and these too are still available.

Now, way back in the 80s t shirts were originally made with iron on transfers pressed onto the surface of the t shirt. This certainly made for a great looking products, but the trouble was that they didn’t last for very long as after a few times in the washing machine and dryer, the transfers would begin to come off.  Fortunately, it wasn’t long before manufacturers discovered screen printing.  So, designs would last longer and, even better, the t shirts would be cheaper to produce.

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