Monday 28 December 1987

Ouch! One of those days. I attended Shrewsbury Town 0-0 Birmingham City in the second division. Nothing so painful in that. No, the pain was inflicted by one of me mates as we had just parked the car. For some reason, known only to me (and I’ve since forgotten) I left my thumb in the open doorway of the car. He slammed the door shut and I yelped with pain. He had managed to shut the door completely, with my thumb trapped between it and the frame of the car. I think that the rubber seal must have cushioned the blow and prevented any real damage.

I also noted that I had received my final offer from UCCA – no note as to what it was but, knowing now what my A Level results were, it wasn’t that onerous.

Wednesday 30 December 1987

I must have done pretty well for Christmas in terms of cash gifts (and paper round tips too) as today I went into town and I bought jeans, shoes, [a] video and a new computer game. Apparently, it rained v. much and I got home at 3:15. So, just going dark then.

Friday 1 January 1988

No record of a hang over, so I couldn’t have been out last night. It may have been a quiet night in, though this is conjecture. Anyway, I did get out and about today, going along to Shrewsbury Town 3-1 Huddersfield Town. Nice. Liverpool, I noted beat Coventry City 4-0 and I went along to a “good do” at a mate’s Mum and Dad’s house in celebration of his eighteenth birthday which was to follow in the week.

My own eighteenth birthday had occurred about a fortnight since and I don’t think that it was much cop. That’s not to say it was rubbish; far from it, my Mum and Dad would have made sure of that. It was just that I was not overly bestowed with mates at sixth form, so I am doubtful that it involved many people other than family and friends that I had known for a long time. Sixth Form College was crap for me. Do you feel sorry for me? Go on, please say you do…

Saturday 2 January 1988

Following yesterday’s 3-1 home win over Huddersfield, Shrewsbury Town went to Maine Road, Manchester and won by the same score.  As I noted, ‘totally amazing.’  I also noted that we had a party at the pub in the village for my Mum’s cousin and his wife – they went to live in Canada in the eighties and I think that by now they were there, so this was probably a bit of a do before they jetted back home after having spent Christmas in the UK.

Sunday 3 January 1988

I was perhaps being a little premature here, but I noted that the ‘first week is ended [on the 3rd!?], with Everton beating Forest 1-0 on the TV.’  Also, it rained a bit and shone some too.  Sometimes it does that in January in England…

Monday 4 January 1988

One thing that I have always thought was a wee bit hasty was the return to school / college after the Christmas Holidays.  This year we did quite well, having until the fourth of January until we went back.  Alas, that was where the good news ended.  The holidays were over and my mock ‘A’ Levels were due to start on Wednesday.  I report that I didn’t really feel up to college, but I had no choice!  Boo and indeed hoo.  I also noted that I tried to revise but that I found it impossible.  Note to (18 year old) self, you have left it just a little too late to start revising.  I do hope that this revision to which you refer is extra work, over and above what you did over the Christmas break…

Tuesday 5 January 1988

Taken on its own, today’s entry is quite bland.  It reveals one lazy student, hoping to get by on a wing and a prayer; but also a young man who is relatively happy with his lot.  However, knowing what I know now (and what subsequent entries will reveal), this was definitely not the case.  I guess that I must have been suffering ‘exam stress’ or some other student condition.  Anyway, I reckoned that I had ‘no real chance of doing well in these mocks’ and that I ‘must try and learn something in the few days before they come up.’  Then, written with the same pen, presumably at the same time, ‘college was… quite boring but no problem.’  What’s the phrase?  I’m ‘an enigma, wrapped up in a riddle inside a conundrum’ or something similar.

Wednesday 6 January 1988

Back no normal today I fear.  Physics was a total p*** off.  In my mini post mortem, the multi-choice element was ‘allright (sic)’ but the options bit was a ‘dead loss’  – I reckoned on 10 out of 39.  What’s more, I actually wrote at the bottom of the entry that ‘I will revise for the real exams.’  Ha bloody ha!