Thursday 4 September 1986

So this was it. The start of sixth form college for real. It wasn’t actually, quite as bad as I’d though it would be. I had my hair cut – very short – previously it had been arranged in one of those 80’s mullets and I had even had the back of it permed to give it some curl. Gah! Very Chris Waddle – a hairstyle that the former sausage stuffer would persist with until Italia 90 – good job that I saw the light as early as I did then! It being a Thursday and the first one of the month at that, my mum was attending Ladies’ Club and as my bad luck would have it our house was the venue so that was my evening in front of the telly gone up in flames.

Friday 5 September 1986

Today being Friday, I naturally continued a long standing date with destiny – double maths in the afternoon (funny how Maths was always such a fixture in my Friday afternoons). As it was the first such session, it was neither good nor bad – just a shame that we had to watch our fellow students disappearing past the window at something like 2.30 when we still had another hour to go. I went home, after running for it, on the bus at 3.45.

Saturday 6 September 1986

The thing about having 14 first cousins (12 of them older than me) is that I have been to a large number of weddings. Today was one of those occasions. As family, we were invited to the church and the wedding reception and then the evening do later on. Just shy of the drinking age, I’m guessing that I would have been treated to a couple of shandies and probably felt quite drunk on them too. I went to bed at 1.40am and was up again at nine thirty on Sunday to do my papers.

Tuesday 9 September 1986

In some good news (what?  Like I ever suffered from bad news?), I discovered that I was to have all Tuesday afternoons off until Christmas.  As far as actual constructive studying went, I had Maths and Industrial Studies.  Now just to nip this one in the bud, Industrial Studies was a sort of poor man’s Economics.  I did brilliantly at it throughout the two years at sixth form and then promptly went and failed the exam.  So let’s hear no more about it eh?  Got that?  Good!

Wednesday 10 September 1986

Oh wow!  This sixth form lark was becoming a great laugh.  After yesterday’s discovery of all Tuesday pm’s off until Christmas, today we were off to Telford to go ice-skating.  We went to McDonalds for lunch – it was brand spanking new at this time, was McDonalds in Shrewsbury – and very expensive, especially on a student budget.  Apart from the golden arches and the ice-skating however, life was as boring as ever.  So much so, that I watched Animal Squad on tv in the evening, and not only that, I chose to note it in my diary.