Wednesday 1 October 1986

More ice-skating.  Today’s session was a) a total doss and b) boring all the same.  I’m the Master of Contradiction, me.  I / We went into the library in order to lose someone – although it didn’t work.  Like my comments from a few days earlier, I remember this now with a real sense of WTF!  WTF! was I doing?  The next person on the list to go-into-the-library-to-try-and-lose was guess who?  Yep, me!  It beggars belief really it does.

Thursday 2 October 1986

More Study Skills today – that and Physics.  You know, I never really got the hang of studying.  I’ve achieved 8 O levels, 3 A’s and a degree, all without really being that good at studying.  More dumb luck I suppose.  Study Skills would have shown us how you attend the lesson / lecture, go away for a while and then review your notes, even attempting to re-write them – sort of creating revision notes as you go.  I never ever got the hang of this, with me it was attend the lecture, toss the notes into me bag, sod off home, have some tea, go to bed get up and do the same again the following day.  Then 6, 12, 18 months down the line, attempt (in an incredibly short space of time just before the exam) try to make out what on earth I had scribbled down all those months ago.

Oh and in music news, I bought a Five Star (yes, Five Star) 12″ single.  It was Rain or Shine and I bought it because it was a gorgeous gorgeous song so there.  I was tuning in to, ahem, my romantic side.

Monday 6 October 1986

More cash splashing with another 12″.  This time a slightly more cool purchase as I went for the Police’s re-release of Don’t Stand So Close To Me.  To be brutally honest it’s a completely academic exercise, as it offers no improvement whatsoever on the original.  Hey ho.  As far as studies were concerned, Physics ran late and I very nearly missed the bus home. But I didn’t.  After tea, I settled down to watch a programme that would have benefited me tremendously had I been doing the A Levels that I should have been doing.  It was called the Story of English and it fascinated me, had I completely hooked.

Tuesday 7 October 1986

Ooh, oh dear.  Today, dear diary, was a ‘boring dot day, i.e. it is insignificant.’  Honestly, what sort of a statement is that to be making?  I went out at lunch time with a school friend (i.e. a friend from school, rather than a new sixth form friend – remember I didn’t really make any of those) and we sampled a baked potato from a wee shopping arcade known as the Victorian Arcade.  How very twee!

Thursday 9 October 1986

But it was wrong see, wasn’t it. We had done the resonance tube experiment at school and having checked those results against the ones from yesterday I discovered that we had done it ‘totally and utterly wrong’. Doh! We had chips for lunch and donated some of them to the local population of Anas platyrhynchos or their descendants.

Friday 10 October 1986

A boring day today.  Again!  How very, um… boring.  I bought a birthday card today (eh?), scoffed my lunch – chips in, what even for me must’ve been a record, just 3 minutes whilst waiting for the bus home. Saw a former school friend on the bus home and was terribly rude about him… in my diary.  Charming, completely charming.