Tuesday 1 July 1986

So we moved into the second half of the year.

Due to the issue with my contacts, I wore my specs on the second day of sixth form induction. To my diary, I made my feelings clear in no uncertain terms ‘hated it… disgusting.’  I then went on to discuss my feelings for a particular girl – another one that I saw only from afar, and I think, didn’t ever speak to, never mind make the fateful request.  Typical.

Wednesday 2 July 1986

Today we went ice skating. On the bus my friends and I got talking to four girls from another school. No doubt I would have been tongue tied as my friends did all the talking, but I was there – sort of putting it about. I also received a letter from the headmaster of my former school – I had won a cup. A cup, as it turned out, for Reliability. Wow!

Thursday 3 July 1986

As it turns out, some of my sixth form friends had also won cups.

So I wasn’t alone, well I knew that much. After our last taster of sixth form life, we went paddling on the river.

It was the usual crew – a crew that over time, I would drift apart from, but not realise it until it was too late, and therefore throw away a great chance to start my life as an independent adult.

Sunday 6 July 1986

At the end of the UK tennis season, that young Boris Becker defeated that nice Ivan Lendl in straight sets 6-4, 6-3, 7-5 to win the second of his three Men’s Singles Titles. Off the court, I went and sprained my ankle – ‘really badly this time’. Otherwise, I noted, it was a (please join in the chorus)… ‘boring day’.

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Monday 7 July 1986

I didn’t go out much today – I wasn’t able to. I did notice however, that it was quite a nice day. I watched the cricket (the 4th day of England v India, 3rd test from Edgbaston – this in the time when test matches in England started on a Thursday and included a rest day on the Sunday). At the end of the day, England had scored 231-9 in the second innings, giving them a lead of 231. If I wasn’t watching the cricket, I was asleep. In the evening, I watched a programme about Mont Blanc on BBC2.

Tuesday 8 July 1986

I wrote my diary entry for today at 11.16pm. England and India drew the third test match – both scored 390 all out in the first innings and India scored 174-5 in reply to England’s 235 all out in the second innings. In a somewhat strange admission (well it certainly looks like it now), I noted that ”Allo ‘Allo was brilliant’, adding,  ‘as usual’. What? It was quite a nice day and in a startling revelation, my mum had bought me some trousers, but they didn’t fit. Well, well, well!

Wednesday 9 July 1986

In the continuing saga of ‘the wrong trousers’ (eat your heart out Nick Park), my mum swapped the pair that didn’t fit for one that did. Good job too, as I needed them for the award evenings at school where I picked up my cup for Reliability. In a brief moment of smugness, just between my diary and me you understand, I noted, ‘aren’t I clever.’ No hint of irony. I also noted that my foot was better too.

Thursday 10 July 1986

It seems that my optimism of yesterday was slightly misplaced as today I reported that my foot was ‘almost better today’.  Or maybe yesterday I was allowing success to get to my head.  Who knows?  I don’t.  As a man of leisure, no school, no exams and everyone else still at school, I played on the computer – for the first time in ages. Don’t think that I spent a great length of time on it though, as I noted that it was broken – more money gone!