Saturday 2 August 1986

That word again!  You’ve heard it enough so I won’t use it again.  In my defence this time, I even made comment on my excess use of the word at the time!  It was a windy day, not very summery at all.  The Commonwealth Games finished in Edinburgh – Auckland in New Zealand was due to host the games in 1990.

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Sunday 3 August 1986

Today was, and I quote, ‘a bit of a funny day’.  It was quite nice but it rained a bit too.  But then I went and spoiled things by using the word “boredom”.  I was quite creative with its use mind; I’ll quote at length, just so you get the full effect! ‘I got p****d off with the boredom but who cares; c’est la vie!’ And boy I must have been bored as I watched some American Football – a game that was being played at Wembley Stadium.  What was the world coming to?  The countdown to camping continued too – 9 days to go.  Ooh it’s so exciting…

Monday 4 August 1986

Oops, boring again!  But anyway, enough of that.  We got a brief look at how the world of the Ad-men works as after last night’s American Football; we played a game of it.  No shoulder pads for us, or even a misshapen ball, but we had a blast.  I also gave an insight into the sarcasm with which the British psyche treats the weather – and here was me, just a trainee in the matter, ‘… then to everyone’s surprise, it rained.’

Tuesday 5 August 1986

Back to a good old British sport today – we played cricket.  Then we played our extended hide and seek game, Fox and Hounds.  I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating.  Team one run off and hides and then team two charges off after them.  As we lived next to the course of a disused railway line, we had loads of places to hide and lots and lots of space into which we could run.  FANTASTIC!  My childhood, what a blast!

We even had time left for a game of Risk, but this was cut artificially (mercifully?) short when one of our younger friends decided to drop a football on the board. It says in my diary that we killed him, but please sir, we didn’t… honestly! No no, we just erm… roughed him up a bit.

Wednesday 6 August 1986

Oh boy, it just gets better. The farmer out the back of ours had been busy in his field, bringing in his crop and baling up the straw. So we had some ready made building blocks available to us to make dens, tunnels etc etc, you name it, we could make it. Unfortunately, the fun had to stop when, just as dusk was beginning to settle, he started up the field in his car! It was a Volvo and I can still remember the thrill of seeing this veritable tank, headlamps on, revving up the field towards us. So off we jolly well ran, through the nearest back garden and out onto the street and relative safety.

I don’t know what sanction he would or even could have imposed on us if he’d caught us, although I do remember one lad being made to stack up the bales again after he’d knocked him down – perhaps this was because his dad knew the farmer. I don’t know. But he never caught me, and to my knowledge he didn’t know my dad, so nerr nerr ‘n nerr nerr.

Thursday 7 August 1986

We again played Fox and Hounds today, and surprise surprise, we actually played without arguing! Somehow, the sides were fair, so neither one got bored and therefore sodded off, leaving the other one out there, thinking that they’d found a good hiding place when in actual fact they weren’t being sought. After a hard day at it, I needed a bath and I had one at 10.30!

Friday 8 August 1986

Mother’s birthday today. Blimey, she was only mid forties back then. Doesn’t time fly eh? We went to town to buy provisions for the camping trip and in the evening some of our borrowed camping gear began to turn up. Not by magic though, people actually brought it in their cars! We had a stove and a rucksack plus sleeping bags galore. We were almost ready.

Sunday 10 August 1986

I got up at 9 this morning, just in time to do my papers – my mum had been down to the paper shop to collect them for me. Like I’ve said before they we’re b****y heavy – 20 News Of The Worlds, 20 Sunday Peoples and 10 Sunday Mirrors plus assorted Sunday Timeses, Telegraphs, Expresses and Mails On Sunday. Went to bed at 25 to 11 – don’t know why I noted that, I can’t remember whether that would have been early or late.