Madonna in the 80s

Madonna is the biggest “pop” star of all time and has been called “The Queen of Pop”. She has dominated the music and video scene since her inception in the early 80’s. Madonna’s always changing persona, music and style, has kept her at the top of the game for a quarter of a century. Madonna explores religious symbolism and sexual themes in her work.

With the release of “Borderline”, people started to take notice of this young very talented star. In 1984, Madonna’s “Borderline became her first top 10 hit song. When Madonna performed her “Like A Virgin Song” at the MTV Music Video Awards she rocketed to instant stardom with her highly sexual performance while dressed up as a bride.

In 1985, Madonna took on the stage and starred in her first film; Desperately Seeking Susan. This movie was a box-office hit and launched her film career. By then, Madonna’s fan base was teenage girls who idolized her style and persona. Teenage girls had adopted her trademark appearance from the film.

With the release of “Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna again challenged taboo and controversial subjects. This song battled the pregnancy while not being married issue. Another song/video that caused much controversy for Madonna was the “Like A Prayer Video’. This video was banned by the Vatican due to portrayals of stigmata, sexuality and religious symbolism. This was definitely not the end by far. In 1990 The Blonde Ambition Tour depicted a highly theatrical show featuring both religious and sexual themes. This highly controversial show paved the way for her “Truth or Dare” documentary of behind the scenes of the tour and her personal life.

In the later part of her career, Madonna yet again pushed the envelope by releasing her “Justify My Love” video. This video introduced S&M, bondage, gay and lesbian acts. Although banned by MTV deemed too sexually explicit, it became the highest-selling video of all time.

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