Tuesday 31 October 1989

And so, having avoided burning down the house, I woke this morning with worse pains than before.

This time, I was taken seriously by the University doctor’s and swiftly dispatched (ok, asked to walk round) to the Royal Liverpool Hospital.  At least they gave me a letter of introduction, so that was ok then.

Anyway, I digress (you may have noticed).  The diagnosis was suspected appendicitis. Have a couple of days in hospital under observation and we’ll see what happens…

Well at least I was in the right place if anything was going to go wrong…

But something had gone wrong already.  I had a ticket to go and watch Ben Elton doing stand up at the Liverpool Empire this evening… bugger, they’ll not let me out of here to watch that.

So, I suppose it was decent of all my mates to come round and see me, on their way to the gig.  At least the lad who had benefited from my misfortune had the decency to look sheepish.  (I sort of owed him one from the summer term previously, so I suppose karma had revealed her beautiful symmetry.)

The surprises hadn’t finished, nosiree!  The Mater and Pater made the journey from Shropshire to come and see their eldest and good on ’em!  The nursing staff were brilliant and even allowed them to come in after visiting hours, given the distance that they had travelled.

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