Sunday 17 December 1989

Aaaaahhhhh! First day of the Christmas Holidays.

What did I do today?  Well, I chose to start my day with an important job that I had been putting off for a while now.  Today I ensconced myself in the bathroom with my Rotring pen set in order to clean it.

Whoo hooo! I knew how to live.  No, I really did.  I had a four pen set, with widths 0.25, 0.35, 0.50 & 0.70mm.  I needed the set because, doing a Civil Engineering course meant that there was a certain amount of draughting to be done.  However, anything on a drawing board that required a straight line – I was competent in the extreme.  Start involving curves and I was done in.

Cleaning the set was great fun in actual fact… no, go with me on this… take the cartridge out and wash out the nib section with cold water.  Once the water ran clear you could introduce a little Fairy (liquid) in order to give it a proper wash.  Then…. ok, ok, I’ll stop.

In the afternoon, I settled down to watch the football.  I needn’t have bothered.  In his first game in charge of Manchester City, Howard Kendall took his new team to face his old team at Goodison.  No goals ensued.

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