Saturday 9 December 1989

Getting close to the end of term now.  I remember that in the third year on our course there was this big Brummy lad who really didn’t like me.

Being a second year myself, I tried my best to void all contact with him, and it wasn’t that hard, but when our paths did cross he was obnoxious in the extreme towards me.  I don’t know why, I must’ve just had one of those faces!

Anyway, he was a Villa fan and made his dislike of Scousers in general, and non-Scouse Liverpool fans in particular, very clear for all to see…  In the run up to today’s game at Anfield he’d been up to his old tricks.  Giving it loads – the ususal nonsense.  One of his tricks was to sneak up behind me and nick my glasses. Something that used to annoy me intensely.

But enough of all that, the game passed of as a 1-1 draw, with Peter Beardsley’s 64th minute goal cancelling out / cancelled out by Ian Olney’s goal for the visitors.

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