Saturday 7 October 1989

Well, here we go again! Today was the day that I went back to Liverpool for my second year in University.

As had been the way of things in my first year, I would have had a lift from my Dad.  We would travel up the A49 from Shrewsbury, through Whitchurch before turning of just after Cuddington and heading off through the apparent maze of roads that made up Runcorn.  After the Runcorn Bridge it was an easy drive through Speke, on into the leafy suburb Allerton and thence to our house on the very edge of Toxteth.  Ooh, we knew how to live dangerously!

This was to be quite a year, and it started with me and six of my friends moving into a house after spending the first year in halls.  I am guessing that most, if not all, of us arrived throughout the course of this Saturday in early autumn prior to going out for an almighty session on the ale.  We were, of course, young men of the world… and that’s what young men of the world did…

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