Saturday 2 December 1989

More football!  I must have been working really hard on my studies since there are no actual accounts of what happened on any given day.  However, the football dates are there, etched in some crappy biro or other.

Anyway, today was that rarest of things, an away game!  Today being my friend’s birthday he had suggested that he and I take the short trip across to Maine Road to watch our heroes playing City.

It was an excellent decision.  City, who were struggling, but had earlier in the season enjoyed a 5-1 win over their arch rivals Manchester United, must have been pumped up for this game.  However, Andy Dibble aside, they really were no match for a Liverpool side, keen on making up for their, understandably, below par performance on Wednesday night.

A 4-1 thumping ensued with goals from Ian Rush, Peter Beardsley and Steve McMahon being answered from the penalty spot by Clive Allen before Rush grabbed his second with two minutes remaining.

And then, back to Liverpool for an almighty session on the ale.  A session which saw me getting really quite poorly.  Thing is, I don’t recall having actually drunk all that much.  (They all say that don’t they…?)

I do remember being stood outside a kebab house waiting not only for my mates to come out with their greasy, spicy prizes, but also for the poison in my stomach to come out onto the pavement.

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