Friday 13 October 1989

Well, between you and me, this week must have flown by in such a whirl as I did not make any entries since Saturday 7 October.

Today’s entry was by way of comment on the date, like er… Friday 13 October… and a note to the effect that I had withdrawn £50, of which £30 was spent on books, £10 on drink  and the weekend, with a further £10 put into our household kitty.

I can’t be bothered looking up the relevant stats, but back in the day we had £60 weekly to spend on the household necessities, like cheese, bread, frozen chips, tea, coffee, sugar, milk and the like.  I think that we did alright thank you very much.

Our rent was £79 per calendar month, each.  Sorry, but there was no reduction for the box room.

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