Wednesday 23 March 1988

A little light relief was offered by England playing Holland (sic) at Wembley this evening.

Now, later on in the summer, Holland, or more correctly, the Netherlands would go on to take European football by storm in winning the European Football Championships in West Germany, so this was a creditable performance.  Gary Lineker opened the scoring for England from a long ball delivered (surely launched) by Gary Stevens.  Tony Adams then gifted the Dutch an equaliser before John Bosman* made it 2-1 with a headed goal.  Tony Adams redeemed himself towards the end of the game with a headed goal to make the final score 2-2.

The light relief didn’t last for very long as I got in right strop / tizz with my revision.  I just couldn’t get down to it. Of course this then lead to issues regarding my confidence / motivation.  I wrote, ‘Seriously, I’m scared.’  I was in a vicious circle with it.  I didn’t want to do it; so I put it off; then it became a chore that I had no choice but to do; so I’d start it and then remember that I didn’t really want to do it… and so on.

It’s amazing that I collected any A Levels at all.

*If you think the name rings a bell, it does, but of course it was Jean-Marc Bosman after whom the infamous Bosman Ruling is named.

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