Wednesday 20 January 1988

Well that was a bit of a relief actually!  I had managed 46% in my Industrial Studies exam, so with that score I would have passed the exam for real.  However, I noted in my diary that even 46% wasn’t good enough.  What happened then in the exam for real then, eh?  You can see from this little episode what problems I made for myself.  I worried about not passing, but didn’t put the required work in.  I then marginally pass and see that as a licence to carry on as before – even though I make noises to the effect that I am unhappy with that marginal pass… it’s almost like a (much) more complicated Catch-22.

Wednesday afternoon, being Wednesday afternoon, saw us taking to the sporting arena.  Well, alright, a muddy piece of grass on the other side of town, where we played the local (vocational) 16+ college.  Boy they must have hated us much more academic A Level students?  In the States the rivalry would have been made into a John Hughes movie with my part being taken by one of the rising stars of Hollywood, right?  No, probably not; I doubt that we’d have appeared on their radar.  In a bruising encounter, we were soundly trashed at rugby by a score of 25-4.  In proper sport, I watched Sportsnight and was treated to three games – SW 0-1 Ars; Ev 2-0 MC and Ox 2-0 MU.  Go on, decipher that!

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