Tuesday 8 March 1988

You know that for an 18-year old I could be really quite childish.  For no other reason than I felt like it, the first two words for today’s entry are a totally pointless and scurrilous jibe at my brother.  In short – ‘A____ smells.’  Well I’m glad that I got that off my chest – and I’ll bet that you are too.

I then proceeded to mix international politics (see I told you that I had done the wrong A Levels!) with some local and very personal issues.  I noted that it was Super Tuesday in the USA and then it was the familiar refrain I am afraid.  I complained that I ‘left college at 4:10 cause I didn’t fancy waiting at the bus stop whilst being ignored.’  I topped this off with a fluffy, frothy, ‘G’nite.’

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