Tuesday 26 January 1988

Whoa there!  This really sums the 18 year old me up.  I wrote in very very small handwriting in order to squeeze in as much as possible.  What I actually wrote was about as relevant as something that’s not very relevant.  Well, the first three lines were – it was ‘abnormally boring’, ‘nothing much happened, but I suppose it’s my own fault for not doing anything.’   And so on.

The next piece reveals much more about me and is also a great source of frustration to the older me.  I was planning on going to Plymouth on Saturday to watch Shrewsbury Town in the fourth round of the FA Cup.  Now there’s nothing so exciting in that and it’s not immediately obvious as to why it should be so frustrating to the modern me.  Well, I was showing genuine enthusiasm for something that I was looking forward to doing.  All my life it seems that I have (halfheartedly) put my energies or a very small part of them into doing what I thought was ‘right’, instead of what I wanted to do.  So, I chose the wrong ‘A’ Levels for the wrong reasons and therefore ended up doing the wrong degree as a result.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a whale of a time at University, but I put my energies there into socialising, and let’s not be too coy, drinking far too much.  My degree came a poor second and ultimately, that’s what I came out with.  I am still dealing with the ramifications of my time at Sixth Form to this day.

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