Saturday 9 January 1988

Yes, today was the day for a pub crawl and an afternoon of FA Cup 3rd Round action at Gay Meadow.  Shrewsbury Town had drawn Bristol Rovers and a splendid time was guaranteed for all.  Before the big match, myself and a few (OK, two) of my proper mates (i.e. ones that I wasn’t at sixth form with) were out on the lash.  Now bear in mind that two of us had only just turned eighteen and the other member of our little cadre was still only seventeen, this wasn’t going to be a really boozy session.  Two or three or maybe four pints each would be our limit.

Anyway, we started with a round of pints, then another round of pints and then, always the lightweight in terms of consumption and pocket, I bought myself a half whilst the others had another pint each.  Following lunch of a Big Mac and fries it was down the Wyle Cop to cross the English Bridge over the Severn and on to the Meadow.  The atmosphere was actually quite carnival.  Explanation, somebody had bought a packet of balloons and several people were sporting colourful afro wigs – you know the sort, much like Harry Enfield has his Scouser characters wear only in blue and white (so not really colourful actually).  No matter, Town beat Rovers by the odd goal in three to secure their berth in the fourth round.  In other third round news the real Scousers, Liverpool, drew nil nil at the Victoria Ground against their second division opponents.

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