Saturday 27 February 1988

It may have been only two days until back to college and I’ve done naff all college work but sod that for a game, I’m off to Croydon to witness Crystal Palace 1-2 Shrewsbury Town.  Now Town had a really good record against Palace and we had obviously made this fact known through the game to our friendly west London hosts.  As we’re queuing up to get on the coach at the end of the game one of the locals took umbrage at this and almost knocked me in to the road with his shoulder as he walked past, muttering grimly.  Well it would have been grimly, but Londoners don’t do grimly, that’s much more of a northern thing.  No, his was southern jessie muttering and to this day is my closest brush with anything remotely approaching football hooliganism.  Phew, that was a close one.  Liverpool went to Portsmouth and came away with the points in a 0-2 away win.

In other news, my brother turned 16 today.  It’s a shocking admission (are you sure?) but I’m not sure that I would even have seen him as I got back home at 9:45pm and had to get up for my paper round tomorrow so it would have been an early night for me.  Well, what sort of big brother was I?

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