Saturday 20 February 1988

Today was quite an historic day in a ‘small town plays another small town in a football match which ended with one player hitting another player so hard that he broke his jaw’ kind of way.  My take on it was ‘Swindon are a bunch of dirty bastards!’  What I didn’t mention was that Chris Kamara had smacked Jim Melrose after the final whistle had gone causing a depressed fracture of the Scotsman’s cheek and earning a conviction for assault.  This all occurred after Shrewsbury had continued their fight against relegation with a 2-1 victory.

In other news(!) I was excited about the possibility that summer might be just around the corner.  All this in the middle of February.  What sort of mindless optimism is this?  Never mind – I self corrected with ‘but saying that, it’ll probably snow tomorrow.’

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