Saturday 19 March 1988

A busy day today, what with driving lessons and football matches.

Oh boy was I in a strop today (unusual for a Saturday to be honest).  Today the object of my ire was my driving instructor.  He was (pun alert) a combative little man, having spent a number of years in the Parachute Regiment.  Furthermore, his barnet was red of hue and he hailed from the north-east of England – I’m sure you get the picture.

Anyway, today I was mostly getting upset that he would ‘always put me down in front of his girly pupils.’  I was a terrible learner.  Put me behind the wheel of a car (in this case an E plate diesel Peugeot 205 with He-Man dual controls) and I instantly became a gibbering wreck.  We spent one lesson with him just driving and ‘showing’ me how it was done.  That was £8 well spent – I could have done that with me Dad.  His military training meant that he was an amateur psychologist too, so a lot of my problems apparently, were due to the fact that I was a student, with my mind on other, higher things.  No, I think that it was because all I ever received whilst in his company were put-downs and other character building advice.

At Gay Meadow, Middlesbro won 1-0.  This was not good, considering that Bournemouth enjoyed a 2-1 win at Portman Road.

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