Saturday 13 February 1988

Another day, another trip to Sheffield.  Today I was headed for Bramall Lane to watch Shrwesbury Town play Sheffield United.  In typical small time / small town ‘humour’ we spent the afternoon goading the locals with cries of ‘Wednesday Wednesday’.  I’ll bet that they had never heard the like before.  What probably would have upset them a little more was the final score, as Shrewsbury escaped with all three points in return for scoring the only goal.  Liverpool took their frustration at only drawing last week out on Watford with a 4-1 win at Vicarage Road.

When I arrived home at 7.30 I watched Jasper Carrott and then went to bed soon after.  Again, no mention of having done any work towards my A Levels.  No worries, there was still plenty of time.

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