Monday 7 March 1988

Grief, I really was an angry young man – only during the week mind – today the object of my ire was another lad who for some reason I didn’t like.  My description of him is an interesting one.  Two thirds of it (!) would also have fitted perfectly for me too – funny, but the irony was completely lost on me at the time.

I called him an ‘ugly tw*t’ and a ‘parasite with no real mates.’  He did have a key ring that would emit a bleeping sound if you whistled.  An altogether useful piece of kit if you, like, lost your keys.  Of course in the hands (surely lips) of 18 year old demi-men such as us, it was an open invitation for us to whistle constantly until he got so fed up and took the batteries out.  For my money this is a piece of kit that would become increasingly useful for me as I am getting older and suffering from, ahem, senior moments.

In entertainment news, tonight was time for another slice of life on the deep space mining craft Red Dwarf.  By now we were onto the fourth episode and it had established itself as a comedy classic.  It was, I wrote, ‘just like the Young Ones used to be – extremely funny.’  Wow!  Rare praise.

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