Monday 22 February 1988

I had big plans for this half term week.  Written in caps at the top of the space reserved for today was the rather hopeful intention to revise.  Exclamation mark.  Ha bloody ha ha.  I got up and had breakfast before listening to the draw for the quarter finals of the FA Cup.  Man City v Liverpool.  I don’t know what I did next, but in the period leading up to going to bed I watched Red Dwarf and Moonlighting.  What do you mean, you don’t remember Moonlighting?!  Well here goes, a synopsis in just a few words… Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) and her business partner David Addison (Bruce Willis) ran a detective agency, the Blue Moon Detective Agency.  There was a certain romantic tension between the pair and of course there were the odd fantasy inserts along the way, just to keep the show from lapsing into conventionality.  That jog your memory?

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