Monday 18 January 1988

So after our mocks of the past week or so, today’s the day that everyone gets their tests back.  Or at least the week that we were to find out just how well / badly we had all done.  For my part, I received my Physics mark today – I scored 45% and for the pure element of my maths I had scored 53/116.  To be fair, I was up on most of my contemporaries, but very much down on the elite group of kids / young adults who, as I put it so eloquently, “really turn it on and yet get up your nose.”  I know now that if I had applied myself anything like I was capable of I would have scored as well as them.  It’s just that I had issues with sixth form.  Oh yes, and I was a lazy bastard!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I just didn’t have much of a peer group with which to compare notes and I certainly didn’t have anybody to spur me on to do any better.  Of course some sort of self motivation would not have gone amiss, but looking back, I feel a real sense of “if I knew then what I know now…” but of course I knew then what I knew then, so that line of excuse / procrastination just doesn’t wash.  Stay tuned for more test results…

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