Monday 11 January 1988

A slightly more detailed entry today – mostly about football mind.  Today, you see, was the day of the draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup, sponsored by… well nobody.  Football was still football and the draw for the FA Cup was still broadcast on t’wireless on the Monday lunchtime immediately after the weekend of the previous round’s games.  I recorded that Shrewsbury Town would face an away trip to Plymouth or Colchester; whilst Liverpool would play at Villa Park, provided that they could beat Stoke City in their replay which was scheduled for… wait for it… tomorrow night, just 3 days after the original tie had ended in a draw.

In other news, I had also noted that I needed to send in my UCCA thing in by today.  I’m guessing that I had already done this, but you never know, there may have been a mad panic to get it in the post today.  For UCCA (the Universities’ applications system) you had a maximum of 5 places.  I had chosen Civil Engineering (see boring) at Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Warwick and Guildford (bloody Guildford?!) in that order.  But that was just because it said you had to pick five.  There was no doubt in my mind where I was going to end up…

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