Friday 7 October 1988

Perhaps if I had said, ‘and thus started one of the greatest drinking careers in the history of the University of Liverpool‘ I might have been a little nearer the truth.

Tonight was that night of nights, the first ever Civil Engineering Society pub crawl.  Well the first one that I had ever been on.  I can’t remember much, save for the fact that I met a few of my cohort properly for the first time.  Yes, I know that we had traversed a week’s worth of lectures together already, but to my mind you only really begin to know someone when you’ve been out on the lash with them.  It’s as true now as it was then…

I only noted a couple in my diary mind.  There was H***** – immediately christened ‘H’ and Ed.  If we’d known anything about anything, we’d have called him Mr Ed, but we didn’t so we erm… didn’t.  And then, there was P***.  He was / is a lad from Cannock in Staffordshire.  On hearing his accent and in my infinite wisdom, I asked him whereabouts in Birmingham he was from.  He took it remarkably well all things considered, ‘I ay from Birmingham, I’m from Cannock…’  ‘Oh right, sorry mate.’

There were also a couple of Geordie lads, one of whom I developed an immediate and long lasting antipathy towards – he was a p***k(!) what is a man supposed to do?  The other, after he’d forgiven me for my p**s poor attempt at a Geordie accent became a good friend and one of my circle of ‘copying’ friends.  When I say copying I don’t mean blatantly and brazenly plagiarising… I mean offering mutual help and guidance… like a study group of sorts… honest.

Finally, the love of my life.  Or rather the new love of my life.  My latest infatuation.  I did ask her out, eventually, but she wasn’t interested.  It was great being in love with her though, especially when I thought that she didn’t have a bloke.  I could sit next to her in lectures or stand next to her on group nights out, occasionally even talk to her.  There was no pressure, only the deep delight that I took in being in her presence.

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