Friday 5 February 1988

So, moving swiftly on… today was Friday day of days.  Ish.  At least I wasn’t in college today as I was visiting a polytechnic.  ‘A what?’ I hear you all cry.  That’s right, a polytechnic, a fine upstanding provider of tertiary education.  Coventry Poly to be precise.  I had already managed to fulfill the requirements of UCCA (the Universities Central Council on Admissions) by getting my application off to them on time.  Now I was in the business (in my snobby view) of going through the motions of applying to up to four polytechnics.  I had no intention of going to a poly – heaven forbid – but the advice was to apply (you never know) and in any case, the process promised the odd day off college.

Anyway, I bumped into one of my colleagues from sixth form at Birmingham New Street and learned that he was going in the same direction so we naturally(?) tagged along together.  I was a strange creature at this time of my life and although I knew this lad, for the life of me I’d hardly describe him as a mate (nor him me), but here we were off on our jolly jape to Coventry Poly.  I can’t remember much of Coventry Poly’s Civil Engineering Dept, but I do know that I arrived back in Shrewsbury at 3:40 and took the 4:15 bus home.  I then stayed up watching the first ever Comic Relief comedy money raising marathon until 2:30 the following morning.  And here’s me complaining of feeling tired…

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