Friday 2 September 1988

Having started my stint, way back on 27 June, today was my last day of work at the creamery.

I can’t remember what I had earned during my time there, but I must have saved a great chunk of it as I hardly went out – if I did it would have been with my Dad on a Friday or Saturday night.  I must have gone into town on a Saturday and bought records and tapes, but most of the time I would have been absolutely knackered from being at work.

The creamery was about six miles from home and in the earlier part of the summer, when it was light in the morning I cycled up there for my 6 o’clock start and (obviously) cycled back again.  When it began to be too dark to go on the bike, I managed to get a lift from a guy down the road who worked there.  The only problem with was that his shift stared at 5 o’clock.

Twelve miles on the bike, plus a ten or twelve hour hard working day made me as fit as I have ever been, ready for the rigours of three years of partying the time away at University…

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