Friday 12 February 1988

No record in my diary of what took place at college today vis a vis actual college work – however, I do remember that my anonymous Valentine’s Day Card arrived and I watched the object of my desire open it, redden and slide it into her bag.  What she did with it after that, I don’t know.  What I did about it after that was absolutely nothing.  I made the odd reference to it in subsequent diary entries and no doubt agonised over it, but as far as speaking to her and maybe asking her out… nothing.

In my diary, I did report that I had a driving lesson.  I expressed my dissatisfaction at the fact that I had been learning for 5 months already and was still no nearer to taking my test.  My exact words were quite enigmatic or just plain gobbledygook (you decide) – ‘I’m frustrated at not doing what I should be doing for personal satisfaction.’  Can you understand that?  I havn’t a clue.

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