Friday 1 January 1988

No record of a hang over, so I couldn’t have been out last night. It may have been a quiet night in, though this is conjecture. Anyway, I did get out and about today, going along to Shrewsbury Town 3-1 Huddersfield Town. Nice. Liverpool, I noted beat Coventry City 4-0 and I went along to a “good do” at a mate’s Mum and Dad’s house in celebration of his eighteenth birthday which was to follow in the week.

My own eighteenth birthday had occurred about a fortnight since and I don’t think that it was much cop. That’s not to say it was rubbish; far from it, my Mum and Dad would have made sure of that. It was just that I was not overly bestowed with mates at sixth form, so I am doubtful that it involved many people other than family and friends that I had known for a long time. Sixth Form College was crap for me. Do you feel sorry for me? Go on, please say you do…

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