Wednesday 6 August 1986

Oh boy, it just gets better. The farmer out the back of ours had been busy in his field, bringing in his crop and baling up the straw. So we had some ready made building blocks available to us to make dens, tunnels etc etc, you name it, we could make it. Unfortunately, the fun had to stop when, just as dusk was beginning to settle, he started up the field in his car! It was a Volvo and I can still remember the thrill of seeing this veritable tank, headlamps on, revving up the field towards us. So off we jolly well ran, through the nearest back garden and out onto the street and relative safety.

I don’t know what sanction he would or even could have imposed on us if he’d caught us, although I do remember one lad being made to stack up the bales again after he’d knocked him down – perhaps this was because his dad knew the farmer. I don’t know. But he never caught me, and to my knowledge he didn’t know my dad, so nerr nerr ‘n nerr nerr.

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