Wednesday 5 March 1986

Another (surely not) boring day.  A mini crisis in French – we had a reader to do.  Must have been exam related, can’t think what it was exactly mind.  We probably had to read a passage in French and answer questions on it, again, in French.  I think that it was getting to be a little bit too much like hard work for this individual.  I also looked up my exam numbers too.  These were how we were to be identified when the papers were sent away to be marked.  I had exams with four different exams boards, JMB, AEB for Maths, Physics, French German and Geography and both the Cambridge and West Midlands Exam Boards for English Lang. and Lit. and Chemistry which were designated as 16+ exams – you could fail the ‘O’ Level and still get a CSE.

I noted that we had a game pencilled in for Saturday – ‘ace’.  It’s funny, but looking back my memories of playing football, in the park or on the school pitches, always seem to include the rule that the better games were those when we just turned up.  Some driving spirit of school boys communicated itself and we were just there.  Ready to play, get covered in mud and generally have a good time.

In proper football, Liverpool and QPR played the second leg of the Milk Cup Semi Final at Anfield.  After QPR’s victory in the first leg, most of the football world expected Liverpool to batter them in this game to go through to the final.  Well, and this is one reason why it’s called the beautiful game, things didn’t quite turn out that way.  A 2-2 draw saw QPR win the tie 3-2 on aggregate and Liverpool were out.

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