Wednesday 5 February 1986

What is wrong with me?  Not content with a lie in until 7.15, this morning I didn’t rise until 7.20.  I must’ve really had to rush today!  I just hope that everybody received the correct newspaper.  If you didn’t, then I am sorry.  Can you imagine getting the Daily Mail when you’re expecting the Daily Mirror?  Ooh, the shock of it.  Having to read that rag… Eurgh.

There were more bl**dy townies on the back seat.  I have to explain, that the back seat represented a sort of holy grail for us – there was quite a rigid pecking order, 5th years at the back, then 4th years, 3rd years and so on.  These interlopers, whilst although 5th years and quite entitled to sit there, were just that – interlopers, and as such should have sat elsewhere.  But it’s over twenty years ago, so I guess I should just get over it, huh?  You bet – in fact I have, I’m just faithfully reporting the diary of a 16 year old kid I once knew.

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