Wednesday 2 April 1986

My cold kept me awake last night until 2.30.  Now I’m not now, nor was I then a bad sleeper, so I felt really miserable.  But I am a trooper, so I got up, I guess at the normal time, did my papers and then got on me bike to school for a game of football.  Of course there was no one else foolhardy enough to get there on time, so I had an hour to kill.  I went to my Aunt’s house.  Boy was I a user eh?!

At last, the gang arrived and by 1 o’clock we were playing rugby in the hockey goals at school.  Rugby?!  Now, none of us were / are egg chasers, but someone had the bright idea, so we went for for it.  Probably one of the more enlightened – maybe he who suggested the idea – knew some of the rules or had an idea, so we bodged some sort of game up.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t that many of us, so I don’t think that we stayed for long – with that it was back on me bike and home for tea.

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