Wednesday 17 September 1986

Ah yes, ice-skating today.  We had a lesson, but unfortunately, ‘she was a poser, so we couldn’t really learn anything because everything she did was too hard.’  Oh dear, that’s a shame then.  Why wasn’t I out doing football or something equally useful on my Wednesday afternoons?

What on earth was I doing?  I’ll tell you, following the bloody herd that’s what.  It was lack of bottle or something but I totally misunderstood what was going on in my life at this time and whilst my friends from school were busy making new friends and branching out in new directions, here was me sticking or trying to stick to a group of people who were leaving me behind.  I used to whinge and whine on about how much I hated it at sixth form, but I have finally realised that this was at least 100% down to my own attitude to it.  University was much better because I even if I didn’t study what I really wanted to do (because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do and as of October 2009 I still don’t) at least I went where I wanted to go and made new friends of my own.  Friends that, truth be told, I am closer to than any of my sixth form buddies.  But that’s enough self analysis for now, what happened tomorrow?

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