Wednesday 16 July 1986

Today was a very hot day – good job I moved that soil yesterday eh? I took the dogs for a walk, had a shower and helped my friend with his delivery of free midweek newspapers. I did this job on my own once, just the once mind, and it took me ages, and I think that I received a penny per paper. Never mind Charles Dickens or Charles Kinglsey this was modern day exploitation of child labour at its very worst… or maybe not. We played football and I watched Sherlock Holmes on TV – I’m guessing that it must’ve been the Jeremy Brett version. A quick check on wikipedia tells me that it was ‘The Abbey Grange’ – first shown on this day. I know I’m biased, but Brett was the man as Holmes and the later of his two Watsons, Edward Hardwicke the definitive sidekick.

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