Wednesday 13 & Thursday 14 August 1986

After promising ourselves a good night’s sleep, we did exactly the opposite and decided to stay up all night – what rebels! We just talked and talked and talked and then talked some more. We must have been reasonably well behaved because somebody would have surely come over and told us to be quiet – which nobody did. After a hearty breakfast (our stock of tins was rapidly diminishing) we set off to explore the town. Now if you know Borth, you’ll know that it’s not big by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s got some shops, public toilets, and a railway station. All the essentials.

The weather continued fine from the previous day, but the wind did seem to be getting up. No matter, the sun was shining and we had acres and acres of beach to play on. We also had something much better to do! We had a PlayBoy (or was it Penthouse?) Magazine! Yep, one of the shops down at the far end of the town from where we were staying had sold it to me – a minor – albeit of 16 years but possibly looking a little, but a minor nevertheless. It was quite a famous edition, featuring some candid shots of then current Page 3 Star Linda Lusardi. As on-the-QT-fans of Page 3, and of the lovely Linda, this was quite a purchase I can tell you.

By the time darkness was falling, the wind had become really quite strong, but no matter as due to our complete lack of sleep from the previous night we bedded down and were asleep in minutes. This state of affairs wasn’t to last as within a couple of hours the wind had managed to virtually destroy the tent. With the rain lashing down as well by now, we must have made the very epitome of a sorry sight. We managed to huddle together under what was left of the canvas and with Radio 2 (yes, R2 – Radio 1 wasn’t 24/7 at this stage) for company we managed to make it through to dawn when the cafe up the road would be open for us to grab a coffee and maybe some breakfast and certainly some warm air!

So our camping trip was left figuratively and literally in tatters, so what next? Well we had no chance of getting a lift back home as my Dad was back at work, so we just had to get the train home. Of course this just added to all the excitement and the prospects for tale telling when we got home had just increased exponentially too. So that was it, as soon as the station was open we headed there to buy our tickets home. I noted the cost too, £6 for me as an adult in the eyes of British Rail (though not wrt buying soft porn magazines!) compared to the £13.70 it costs nowadays (2009) to travel from Borth to Shrewsbury. Further update: as of July 2019, the cost of one-way travel, Borth to Shrewsbury is £21.10 without a railcard.

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