Tuesday 7 January 1986

Whooppee! Thank you Jack Frost. No, I don’t mean the grumpy TV ‘tec (David Jason was still busy with Del Boy). No, I mean, the Jack Frost who brings us cold and snow. Yes! We were sent home from school at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Apparently, the snow was pretty heavy. We had a snowball fight outside(!) at 7.30.

The best news of the day however, was the new series of Grange Hill. Yesssss! Get in there! We all loved Grange Hill, didn’t we? The only thing slightly odd about it from a realists point of view – you know, like what I was in the 80’s – was the complete lack of swearing. Yes, I know now that it was on at prime time for kids, so there wouldn’t be any swearing, but it was odd to see Gripper Stebson, Roland Browning’s would be nemesis, angry and frustrated with the Space Invaders machine in the local chippy, thumping it and yelling… “Sugar!” at it. Priceless.

Even Ben Elton picked it up, “Aw come on Mr Liberal, we’re the only kids on telly who don’t say f……..”

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