Tuesday 4 March 1986

Ah, a momentous occasion.  The first edition of Today newspaper.  The first new newspaper in the UK for quite a while, and also the first newspaper to go bust in quite a while.  Today ran from 4 March 1986 until 17 November 1995, eventually expiring in the hands of News International.  It was printed in colour – quite an innovation, but its technology was extremely crude – you must remember the slide on the images.

In the evening at Wembley Arena, Frank Bruno beat Gerrie Coetzee in a little over a minute.  He was warming up for his tilt at the World Championship against Tim Witherspoon in July.  Remember, these were the days before Sky TV so I don’t recall this bout (v Coetzee) being shown live, it was probably shown the following night on Sportsnight on BBC with Des Lynam as host.  Those were the days, eh?

Shock horror!  School was boring and the weather was warmer and wetter.  Nothing seemed to change did it?

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