Tuesday 4 February 1986

I got up late this morning.  I can’t remember what my usual getting up time was, but 7.15 was late.  To compensate, I probably got dressed into my school uniform to do my papers, instead of changing into them afterwards.

In a shock result, Aston Villa beat Aresnal at Highbury by a score of 2-1.  Apart from this little nugget, the day was cold and boring.  I had almost finished my English Lit essay – which piece of literature, I cannot remember.  I know that we did a folder based course for Eng.Lit.  We covered enough pieces of work to enable us to write a minimum of 15 essays, with a minimum quantities of prose, poetry, drama etc.  My favourite piece of work was probably Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, the story of the Salem Witch hunt and trials in the late 17th century.  It wasn’t made clear to us at the time – like we would have understood anyway – but Miller wrote the work as an allegory to the 1950’s anti-Communist purges by Senator John McCarthy.

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