Tuesday 28th January 1986

I don’t know what the government’s school inspectors must have thought, but we had this morning off school thanks to a strike by the NUT. It was a great boon to me personally, as we missed a double dose of Chemistry, and believe me to not be stuck in the lab with the horror who taught us was no hardship.  Part of my issue was that we were a mixed group, some of us doing Chemistry on its own and others of us doing either Physics or Biology as well.  The woman who taught us was a Biology teacher by training and inclination so her Chemistry was targeted towards the organic side of things. As someone who was also doing Physics, I would have liked her to have been a little more even handed.

Anyway, I went in to school for games just before lunch. It was, I noted, a waste of time. Bloody boring, or should that have been muddy boring…?  Boom-tish!  I’ll get me coat.  But the weather was OK so it couldn’t have been all bad.

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