Tuesday 25 February 1986

Grief I was a strange creature.  I start today’s entry with the classic, ‘Man talk about boring…’  There are some disparaging remark about our Chemistry teacher – remember I really had an issue with her anyway, so what the heck.  Games was boring – 4 of us played footy.  Though, of course, we’ve managed with 3 before now, so at least 4 would have given equal sides.  Eng. was the only bright spot.  So I ask (myself) again, why oh why didn’t I do it at ‘A’ Level?  Doh!  Thick get!

In the late afternoon, we did ‘the run’.  Out of our back door, up the field to the railway bridge (disused), across that and then back down the farmer’s lane to the main road then back up to home.  About a mile all told and great fun.  Eh? Great fun – mad b*st*rds!

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